Sunday, February 15, 2009

OMG! I Feel the LOVE

I was reading my favorite blogs like I do every night once everyone in my house has gone to bed and to my surprise, I discoved that Deniesha of Couture Events by D tagged me!! I think when you get tagged you're supposed to tell something about yourself and tag your favorite ten blogs. Here goes... I AM…truly blessed and grateful I WANT…to lose some weight I HAVE…a wonderful husband and two handsome, loveable little boys I mouth closed when I need to I WISH I COULD…quit my day job and run my business full-time I HATE…people who complain all the time (I don't hate the people, just the complaining) I FEAR…the LORD I HEAR…what I need to hear I DON'T THINK…about stuff I have no control over I REGRET…not starting my business sooner I LOVE…weddings, beautiful things, and travelling I AM NOT…easily bothered I DANCE…every chance I get. I SING...because I'm happy and because I love to sing I NEVER…say never, or try not to I RARELY…read for entertainment anymore I CRY WHEN I WATCH…anything sentimental I AM NOT ALWAYS…focused like I need to be I HATE THAT…I can't design my own website (I probably could, If I really tried) I'M CONFUSED ABOUT… much of nothing I NEED…more time to work on my business and exercise I SHOULD…exercise more I am returning the blog love to the following: 1) Couture Events by D 2) 4 The Stylish and Sexy 3) Always Fabulous Events 4) The Smart Planner 5) Destination Wedding Photographers 6) Lemiga 7) Affairs with Elegance 8) Destination...Soiree 9) Southern Wedding Magazine 10) Wedding Soiree Peace and Blessings! Tracy

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  1. Hi Tracy. Thanks for the tag. You can see my answers on my blog



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