Monday, October 5, 2009

Vendor Spotlight - Fotographa

Last month I attended a wedding industry event where I met Hilarye Schoyt, the wonderful photographer taking pictures that night. Hilarye's company, Fotographa (love the name BTW) is a wedding photography boutique. Once I saw the pictures she had taken of the event, I had to see more, so I took out her business card and proceeded to her website and then to her blog. What I saw was pure amazement! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the pictures taken by Fotographa speaks volumes - talk about capturing delectable details and just the right light and vibrant colors and real moments. Fotographa knows how to capture the essence of the moment and that is exactly what was done during Tiffinie and Bill's (pictured below) wedding. I loved all the pictures taken of Tiffinie and Bill's wedding, but I have to share a view of my favorites, like this picture of the groom. Look at his eyes. I'm willing to bet he shed that tear when he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.
Love this picture for the same reason as the one above. Look at her eyes. She looks so excited and what bride wouldn't be excited on her wedding day.
I love the details in this photograph, especially how vibrant the colors are.
In this picture, I love the whimsical way it looks as if the lion is guarding the dress. you can see, I am now a fan of Fotographa. Click here to see more photos and experience art + photo journalism at its best!

Peace and Blessings,

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