Thursday, November 12, 2009

Art Deco Theme Wedding

I love all things glamorous and elegant and I think an art deco theme wedding can be both glamorous and elegant as well as stylish, and would be an ideal theme for any couple who wants to have a stylish and sophisticated wedding. Another thing I like about having an art deco wedding is that you won't see it at every wedding. Because I found the art deco period to be so inspiring, I decided to put together an inspiration board to display my take on an art deco theme wedding.

The wedding cake - Perfect Wedding Day

Bracelet - Lang Antiques

Invitations - Flickr

Bridal Bouquet - Ever After Florals

Ring - Lang Antiques

Decor Image - InStyle Weddings

Wedding Dress - Jenny Packam

Necklace - Art Deco Jewellery

Headpiece Image - Archi Bald Photography

Shoe - The Wedding Shop

Limo - Lebaron Wedding Cars

The look - It's swanky. The wedding dress should be slinky, elegant and very refined. It usually has both slim lines and sheen characteristics of the Art Deco era and it should be paired with the perfect accessories.

If the look is done right, the sophisticated and elegant flair of art deco design will create an unforgettable wedding.

Peace and Blessings,

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