Saturday, March 7, 2009

Budget-friendly Bouquets

To all my BSBs (Budget-Savvy Brides). Here's a tip on saving hundreds of dollars on flowers for your wedding. Besides choosing flowers that are in season and do not have to be imported, consider buying your flowers from Sams Club, and making the bouquets yourself. While shopping at Sams, I came across these fresh flowers:
$5.88 per bundle (10 stems)

$14.72 per bundle

$19.72 per bundle (25 stems)

Arrange these flowers any way you like, wrap the stems with satin ribbon, add any other embellishments to your liking, and there you have it - a nice inexpensive bouquet. If making bouquets is not your forte, email me at or call me at (404) 368-0273, and I will make all the bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding for a price that fits your budget. Peace and Blessings, Tracy

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