Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Came Rain, Then Sun, Then Snow...

When planning an outdoor wedding in February in Georgia, you just never know what the weather is going to be like. For instance. I had rehearsal this past Friday and it rain all day, so we went to plan "B", which was to have the wedding under the tent where the reception was to be held. Take a look. I watched the news Friday night and first thing Saturday morning. 100% chance of rain according to the weather report. Oh well...I thought. We have a good solid plan together, so I wasn't worried, but still hopeful that maybe God would lighten up a little. I arrived at the venue 3 1/2 hours early, rain still pouring, and not even a hint of sun in site. The wedding must go on, so I pressed on, hoping and praying the sun would come out, because I knew my bride had always dreamed of having a garden wedding. As I ran around making sure all the vendors arrived and were set up, I barely realized the dark clouds started to clear and the rain had stopped until an employee of the venue said they were going to set up outside instead of the tent. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I said to myself. Back to plan "A", but not really...we didn't have time to set up a prop that was a major part of the wedding, so we went to plan "C". A plan the pastor and I came up with about 45 minutes before the wedding. We didn't have time to practice so the wedding party had to visualize what they were to do. The wedding started 10 minutes late and that was only because the bride's parents wanted to give a few more guests time to arrive. It was like the gates of Heaven opened up and poured us out a blessing. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and my bride got her dream garden wedding. Then I wake up today and WOW! It's snowing! That's Georgia in February - you never know what the weather may be like. Stay tuned for professional pictures of the wedding. Peace and Blessings, Tracy

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  1. Oh how fun, I've never seen a bride wear a fake train & veil for her rehearsal before...very cool! Was that your idea? ;)

    At all the showers I've been to, we always create the fake paper plate bouquet out of ribbons, bows and tulle from the gifts for the fake rehearsal bouquet, but we always forget the darn thing! lol

    Anyhow, your blog is a joy to read...I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

    Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"



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