Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashionable Friday

Hi everyone out there in the wonderful world of blogs. I would like to introduce to you Fashionable Fridays. Every Friday, I will post blogs about fashion. I happen to like fashion, so I decided to share my sense of fashion with the world. Here's the first of many....

I love purses (handbags, pocketbooks or whatever you like to call them) like most women do and I happen to like designer purses, but there's no shame in my game...I will carry a knock-off in a minute and not think a thing about it. For you fashionistas out there who will not carry a knock- off and especially my recessionista fashionistas, check this concept out. It's called, "borrow my handbag". Go to the website (click on the link) and browse their collection of designer handbags. Choose a bag you like...use a credit card to enter your billing information, then in 3-5 days you will receive your designer handbag. Keep the the bag for as long as you like and return it when you're finish carrying it, or if you absolutely love it! What you're doing is renting the bag. You can rent by the week, month, or year. The price range from $30 a week to $99 per month depending on the bag. Here are some of the bags you can borrow:

Louis Vuitton
Christion Dior

Look good, but live better


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