Monday, May 25, 2009

Planning Weddings and Being Disappointed

Receiving emails and phone calls from potential clients wanting information about your services is a major part of the business of planning weddings. Once you receive one of these much anticipated emails or phone calls, you get excited because you know you have the qualities it takes to seal the deal. You schedule an appointment and prepare to meet your next client. You go over in your head your famous sales pitch that you know cannot and will not fail. Finally, it's meeting day. You're on time for the meeting, you're looking your best, you have your sales pitch memorized and you have a contract ready to be signed. Then the unthinkable happens - your soon to be client, that you're so excited about meeting, pulls a "no show". For a second you think...what just happened - did I get stood up? It couldn't have happened, because after all, you're good at what you do. You're detail oriented, you're organized, you're flexible, creative and the list goes on. But are you thick-skinned? Can you really deal with disappointment? If you can't, then you're in the wrong business. Of course its human nature to feel disappointed at times, but it's how you deal with those disappointments that makes the difference. So next time you experience disappointment, because you will -take a deep breath, dust your shoulders off and keep on keeping on. You know why? Because the phone will ring again and another email will come.

Peace and Blessings,

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  1. You are so right Tracy....What my husband tells me all of the time is "God opens doors that no man can close, and closes doors that no man can open" So in that I know that what is for me is for me. When a client does no return my call or when a contract is not signed, I count it all joy!! There is a reason for everything and in the end that was probably a client that I did not want to work with anyway (for whatever reason)

    Zephanie Curlett
    "Unique Events & Favors"



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